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These values are the beliefs and principles that help us achieve our goals and strategy and build an inclusive team. These apply at every level of our organization — “we” refers to individuals, teams, and Sourcery as a whole.

Customer first

We earn and keep the trust of our customers by putting their interests first.


We strive to enjoy every day at Sourcery and help others to do so too. Everyone feels at home at Sourcery. We act kindly to each other and always assume best intentions. We recognize and celebrate wins everywhere we see them.


We collaborate with everyone within Sourcery to create shared success, trust, and belonging. We inform each other of our progress and reach out for help when we need it.

High agency

We have the freedom, the power, and the responsibility to work the way we like, and to improve Sourcery as a company and as a product. We deliver regardless of the circumstances.

High standards

We do everything the best we can and we strive to continuously grow and learn:

  • We genuinely solicit feedback early and often.
  • We humbly reflect on past mistakes.
  • We actively seek out learning opportunities instead of avoiding them.
  • We identify gaps in knowledge and share them openly and honestly.


We do the smallest thing possible and get it out as quickly as possible. We make quick decisions and execute on those rapidly.

We trust that we'll know better how to proceed after something is released. We're doing it right if we're slightly embarrassed by the minimal feature set shipped in the first iteration.


We are open about as many things as possible. By making information available, we enable everyone around us to make better decisions.