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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Our mission is to simplify code for everyone. A world where everyone, from individual developers to giant teams, enjoys working with clean, well-designed, easy to read and extend code. We must simplify existing code, teach people what simple code is, and guide them to effortlessly write it.

Code is simple when it works perfectly, can easily be understood and extended by anyone, and contains no accidental complexity. It is a joy to work with simple code as nothing gets in the way of translating ideas into reality.

Imagine what it would be like if everyone wrote simple code. Developers would be happier, teams would be way more productive, and users would get the best software in the shortest possible time.

Three Year Vision

We will give everyone an expert team mate focused on simplifying code:

  • Sourcery simplifies all developers' code
  • Sourcery can transform any code-base into one that is beautifully designed and written
  • Sourcery teaches you how to design and implement any software using simple code, and guides you to do so
  • Sourcery works in any programming language
  • We are actively helping 250k devs simplify the code they work with


Our mission guides our path, and we live our values along this path.