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Benefits & Perks

We want to do what we can to make sure our whole team is happy, healthy, and productive.


Act in the Sourcery's best interests.

This generally means:

  1. Expense only what you would otherwise not spend, and is worthwhile for work.
  2. Travel as you would if it were your own money

Everyone in the company will be issued a company card to pay for anything that they think fits the above.

Here is a very non-exhaustive list of benefits that can help all of us and Sourcery succeed:

  • Coworking space
  • Home office set up
  • Fast internet connection
  • Training and professional development

Coworking space

We might not want to work from home every day of the week. Coworking space can offer a solution.

Home Office Set Up

Set up your home office so it's great for working. Here are some recommendations.

Quick Internet

We're all working remotely, so we need to be able to have good, clear video calls when we speak to each other.

Training and Professional Development

We're all constantly looking to learn new things and and explore whatever we need to to be as effective as possible in our roles. This can be for everything like:

  • books
  • courses/classes
  • subscriptions to lectures
  • conferences you want to attend or speak at
  • anything else that will help us do our job better


Fully Remote

We're a completely remote team. This lets us work with the best people around the world, work flexible hours, and never have to worry about commuting.

The one caveat is that we're building our team within 3 hours time difference of London. This gives us the best of both worlds - we can bring in incredible talent from around the world, but still make sure we can have the meetings we need at reasonable hours for everyone.

Flexible paid time off

We work our best when we have time to recharge. We have a flexible Paid Time Off (PTO) policy so our whole team can take time off whenever they need to. We have a mandatory 2 week minimum of PTO for everyone each year to help make sure we all actually take the time off we need to be at our best.

Team Meetups

We're a remote team - but that doesn't mean we don't spend time together. Twice a year we'll bring the full team together for a trip/retreat to get to know each other and do some longer term planning.