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Since we are operating fully remotely, meetings play a crucial role in making sure that we're all on the same page about what our goals are, what the state of the company and different projects are, and generally how everyone is doing.

See the other pages in the meetings section for the different types of meeting we have.


All upcoming meetings can be found in the Notion meetings page. This allows us to add ideas to the agenda whenever we think of them.

Running the meetings

  1. Review the Action Items from last time.
  2. Run through the agenda items from top to bottom:
    • Take notes on each agenda item as it is being discussed, this keeps a record of what was discussed and any decisions made.
    • Create Action Items for anything that needs to be done and add an owner.
  3. Perform a retrospective - see below
  4. If it is a recurring meeting create the next meeting page using the template so that the agenda is ready to be added to at any time.


We always want to be improving how we work and how efficient our meetings are. At the end of every meeting we each rate a meeting on a 1-5 scale and talk about what went well and what can be improved. We track meetings retro is tracked in Notion (both the score and the qualitative feedback).

If there are any specific changes we want to make to the meeting structure create an Action Item for someone to update the handbook with those changes.