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  • Schedule: Every Friday
  • Attendees: Everyone
  • Agendas: Demo


Show each other what we've been working on over the past week. Discuss what we're working on in the upcoming week and any blockers we may have/areas where we need help or collaboration. Overall share how our week has been and how we're feeling.



  • Adds their highlights to the demo meeting page
  • Updates the Status and Progress of the projects that they are owner of. Possible options for Progress are:

    • Not Started
    • On Target
    • Running Late
    • Features Cut
    • Will Not Complete

    Once you move a project to Delivered status please also add your best estimate of how long it took in days to the Actual Time Taken field.


  • Everyone takes it in turn to:
    • Demo anything exciting they've been working on in the past week
    • Gives a brief overview of what they did in the last week
    • What they're working on next week and any areas that they would like support on
    • Everyone rates how their week has been.
  • Review progress
    • During the first two weeks of a cycle review projects to check they are on track
    • In the third week of a cycle we will also review the cycle as a whole to work out how we can improve
  • Randomly select the person to choose next week's activity
  • Enjoy a fun activity together!