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Social Calendar

Working in the same office creates a lot of opportunities for socializing and casual interactions, but how do we maintain these social events when working remotely?

We took inspiration from Zapier's social calendar and Sourcegraph social calendar and created our own Sourcery Social calendar.

Using the calendar

The first step of the social calendar, add the calendar.

Joining an event

Joining an event is easy, just edit the event you would like to attend to, add yourself as a guest and select "send an update" when saving, this will ensure the host is notified. Some events might be recurring, so only add yourself to the dates that you will attend.

If you add yourself to an event, make sure you can attend, some events might depend on the number of participants and they will be counting on your attendance.

Creating an event

To propose an event, simply add it to the Sourcery Social calendar and invite yourself to it, always add a brief description letting others know what the event is about and don't forget to list any requirements such as a video game or the minimum number of participants. Feel free to share the even in our Slack so others can join in!

When adding an event, you become the organizer and should communicate with its guest about important updates. For example, if you have to delete the event because it did not reach the minimum number of attendees.